Tony Roberts

Tony Roberts is founder and owner of TR / Real Surf Trips. He has dedicated his entire life to surf and cultural travel and exploration, capturing it on film and producing it to inspire others. At Real Surf Trips, all this experience goes into every trip he creates and guides and every movie he shoots and edits of his guest’s trips. Will that make a difference in your surf vacation? Yes and in a major way.

Besides being named one of the Top 6 water photographers of all time and an award winning editor and producer of over 50 movies, Tony is a lifelong world class surfer, recently winning first place at the 2022 Masters Open in Dominican Republic.

“On a day to day basis TR can go out there and smoke you. That’s what’s so cool, he really cares about our job as pro surfer, and his dedication to his job as photographer”.
-Flea Virotsko
TR surfing at Real Surf Trips Costa Rica location. Tony has maintained a very high level of surfing, a result of a lifetime of dedication to being where the waves are best for seasons and swells, and the enjoyment of surfing.
Textbook TR water angle of Chris Del Moro in Costa Rica. Imagine images like this of you and your crew. That’s what we do on the daily!
TR specializes in unique angles of surfers of all levels; from beginners to top pros, photo and video.
“He is always there on the moment. Tony is super Keen. He’s got that feel for that crazy little moment, just always there so sharp.”
-Tom Carroll

The Engaged Eye of TR

” Tony Roberts is a lifelong surfer, skater, artist and musician, who’s passions manifest in his lifelong body of work as a photographer and filmmaker. Tony’s photo and video angles are of an engaged nature, always peak moment action from a unique perspective, which Tony has spent decades adapting to commercial, editorial and creative prerequisites. He brought the wide angle skate style surf action watershot to the world in the late 80’s and early 90’s with his native Santa Cruz, California crew as a staff photographer for Surfing magazine, and was named one of the top 6 water photographers of all time by
He has over 20 full length video titles to his credit including classics O’Neill “O’Zone” and Santa Cruz “Speed Freaks” and continues producing cutting edge content with the YouTube channel “Real Surf Stories”. He has lived for three decades in Central America and The Caribbean and is the go-to guy for locations, and logistics for industry company shoots and events coverage, and organizing private surf/shoot packages with surfers from all over the globe as owner and founder of Real Surf Trips.”

“Having the freedom and perspective of traveling, of not conforming to everything that’s going on around you is really important, and I think Tony’s got that.”
-Jeff Hornbaker

With a lifetime of traveling, surfing and shooting the globe, Tony combined his talents to create Real Surf Trips. Decades of full time knowledge of experiencing all the formulas to get the best waves on Earth, combined with his unique and notoriously hard working photo and video regimen, and his deep friendships of key local families and communities at the best surf spots in Latin America and The Caribbean, that now are his guides and hosts at all Real Surf Trips locations, combine to offer surfers of all levels a rare and valuable opportunity to experience these amazing destinations in an intimate and special way, and to have it captured on magazine quality photos, HD video and make a movie edit of your trip.

  • Staff Photographer Quiksilver and Roxy Latin America
  • Staff photographer The Quiksilver Crossing 2002-2005
  • Contributing photographer
  • Sports Illustrated Latino
  • National Geographic Extreme
  • WSL World Tour
  • TransWorldSurf
  • Surfing Magazine
  • MTV
  • various publications and websites
Several TR cover shots
Tony with his daughter Xia, Surfing, shooting and organizing shoots and trips for TR’sReal Surf Trips