Playa Negra, Guanacaste


 The peak surf season for best swells and conditions here is from March to August. (September and October are normally extremely rainy and onshore and November through February is mostly small and too windy with very cold water upwellings these months).

Normal air and water temperatures are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Our surf/shoot trip package includes accommodation, all transport (including airport transfers), surf guide (TR), unlimited photo/video sessions and a trip movie edit starring you and your crew:

$325 per person per day

5 night minimum

2 people minimum (no solo bookings)

Ben Brantell: San Clemente, CA

Our trips are designed for maximum surf and relaxation time, with minimum hassle and effort, based on decades of full-time experience here.

TR Surf Trips owner Tony Roberts will personally guide your trip and shoot all your sessions and edit a trip movie starring you and your crew. 

The history of Real Surf Trips and TR Surf Trips (by Andrew Price)

TR spent the 80’s travelling and surfing Indonesia, Hawaii, Mexico, Africa, Australia, S. America, then came to Playa Negra in 1989 and fell in love with the world class waves, the village of Los Pargos and the local people. His daughter was born here and his family includes several of the very first local surfers here at Playa Negra. There was no electricity and access was difficult. He discovered Marbella, Junquillal and several other breaks, and spent these glory days surfing and shooting these epic waves with no one around but a few friends and the locals he introduced to surfing. Tony had a few cover shots here published on Surfing magazine and Transworld Surf and top video segments in O’Neill Jacked, Above and Beyond and more- never revealing the locations, as this was before the internet, surf maps and Surfline. Once all that changed, Tony decided to get in front of it by using his intricate knowledge of the coastline and high standing in the local community to open the first Surf Camp in the area: Real Surf Trips, with a pair of foreign investors who were new to and enamored with Playa Negra, and the other breaks Tony shared with them. RST proudly set the bar high with contributions to the pueblo including helping bring water to the town, free dental clinics for the local families, scholarships to local surfers in our Global Training camps with USA Olympic surfing coach Erik Krammer and a number of successful fundraisers and community programs. Despite RST’s success, the surf camp model had run it’s course by 2018. Surf camps run by newcomers with limited knowledge, experience, little to no surfing experience or language skills flooded the market, thus the change to TR Surf Trips, and a far superior product and experience for our customers who want the best experience on their surf trip vacation. Besides the world renowned credentials TR brings to the table, he is a world class photographer and top-level surfer, fully bilingual, knows this coastline and it’s conditions better than anyone, and is embedded in the local community. 

Playa Negra surf relax package

Warm water, easy paddle outs and a wide variety of spots put you where you want to be.


PHOTO/VIDEO:  Tony Roberts Photo and his team of award winning shooters are available to capture your trip on photos and video and we will edit a trip video for you as well with your best rides and local scenery.

ROUND TRIP AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport (Liberia, Guanacaste, LIR) with your name on a sign, then it is approximately an hour and a half drive through the countryside to the beach. This is a great chance to see the Tropical Dry Forest scenery and feel the small town charm of rural Guanacaste.

Our surf/shoot trip package includes accommodation, all transport (including airport transfers), surf guide (TR), unlimited photo/video sessions and a trip movie edit starring you and your crew:

$325 per person per day

Minimum: 2 people, 5 nights


-surfboard rentals

-lessons, coaching


-spanish lessons

-food/chef package

-music studio/recording






JULY 2022- AVAILABILITY July 1-7 and July 22-31

AUG 2022 – AVAILABILITY Aug1-14 Aug 21-31



Beachfront Surf and Relax © @tonyrobertsphoto
This photo shows why Playa Negra is perfect for all levels: Nice long walls out the back and mellow inside reforms for the kids!


Beachfront Restaurant:
We love this restaurant because one can watch the waves peel down the reef as you enjoy some excellent cuisine. Nothing better than straight into some cold drinks and delicious meals after the surf or chilling on the beach. The kitchen staff prepares all the meals with fresh local products, offering a wide variety of food.

Playa Negra restaurant

Playa Negra Surf Camp




The Town

With so many decades here full time, people always ask how much has Playa Negra and the local town changed? What surprises us most in 2022 is the lack of change. Still the same sleepy little pueblo with dogs lying in the middle of the one dirt road. The local community here in Los Pargos is like going back in a time machine. You get to experience life as it was before any real outside development or influence. Heading away from the beach, the tropical dry forest lands are still virgin & undisturbed. It is customary to see real cowboys, wild horses, cattle traffic jams, wild bull fights, wild monkeys, thousand of species of birds & more. These natural, wild and cultural experiences will make your stay with us unique and will remain with you long after you’ve returned home.

The Beach and Surf


Straight out front is Playa Negra, and North and South lie a variety of fun spots, some walking and others driving distance. Ocean and weather conditions are ever changing, and each surf spot each works on it’s own formula of tide, swell angle and interval, and wind. 

Experience this small town vibe and laid back surf community that hosts a tropical blue, right hand reef break and sand bottom beach break right beside each other. This is one of Costa Rica’s most consistent, wave rich zones, with breaks for all tides and swell angles.